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Julian Fitter, RGV Aviation

The TBM Network is one of Daher’s strongest assets in ensuring world-class support for owners and operators of its very fast turboprop aircraft.


RGV Aviation was established in 1973 and is based in southwest England at Gloucestershire Airport (EGBJ). As a leading UK maintenance provider, RGV has earned service center recognition from key aircraft manufacturers, including Daher. In maintaining all four TBM versions of the very fast turboprop aircraft family, RGV puts the emphasis on innovative, cost-effective, reliable and quality services.


Answering four questions from the TBM Newsletter for this “Voice of the Network” column is Julian Fitter, RGV Aviation’s Engineering Director.


While the aviation sector often considers factory support as poor, the technical support we receive from Daher is superb...second to none


Question: What type of maintenance does RGV Aviation typically perform on TBM aircraft?


Answer: As a company, we’re able to provide a full range of TBM maintenance; the aircraft we currently look after are under the new Daher maintenance program. RGV Aviation maintains 14 TBMs today – from the latest TBM 910 and TBM 930 to the cornerstone TBM 700B and TBM 850. The number of TBMs we maintain is steadily increasing. Also, we generally keep customers who have stepped up to the TBM from other aircraft that we maintain – particularly the Cirrus.


Question:  What facilities do you have at Gloucestershire Airport?


Answer: We have three hangars: one has a paint shop, another is where the biggest structural repairs take place, and the third is the primary maintenance location. Some of our other operations include the parts department, technical records, avionics and composite shops. While local TBM instructors currently perform acceptance flights for us, we aim to have an in-house TBM pilot as well.


In addition to being EASA Part-145 approved, we are an FAA Approved Repair Station. With our FAA authorization, we are able to perform the biennial altimeter and transponder checks to meet American requirements.


Question:  Do you handle any transient aircraft that are coming through the UK?


Answer: The TBM is such a reliable airplane that pilots don’t generally get into situations where they are stuck – so there has not been a real need for helping visiting aircraft or those in transit.


Question: What is the community of TBM owners like?


Answer: The community is composed primarily of owner/pilots, usually privately flying their aircraft for both leisure and business. We deal with a pretty tight-knit community – they all seem to know each other and do a lot of activities as a group, even taking trips together to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh fly-in, for example. Much of this activity is facilitated by David Fabry of Flying Smart, who does an excellent job in contributing to the community’s cohesiveness.


Question:  How do you assess your relationship with Daher as part of the TBM Network?


Answer:  The people that I deal with on a daily basis at Daher are very, very good and extremely helpful. It’s a pleasure to work with them. While the aviation sector often considers factory support as poor, the technical support we receive from Daher is superb...second to none.

The TBM Network regional meetings organized by Daher are excellent. I attended one of the recent gatherings, which provided a great opportunity to create relationships and learn about the latest developments.


Question:  What sets RGV Aviation apart as a company?


Answer: We pride ourselves on putting quality first, as well as being customer-focused – always remembering that we are dealing with people. They want customer service – and we try to make sure we are there for all our customers, regardless of the time of day, all year round. If someone is in difficulty, we want to make sure that we can answer the phone and help them immediately.


To provide a quality-oriented, customer-focus strategy requires a motivated and committed team, which is what we have at RGV Aviation. My team does excellent work, which is recognized by our company and appreciated by our customers.




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