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Ron Guynn, AVEX

The TBM Network is one of Daher’s strongest assets in ensuring world-class support for owners and operators of its very fast turboprop aircraft.


Camarillo, California-based AVEX, Inc. takes a purist’s approach to aircraft, focusing solely on the TBM family of aircraft, as it has done for the last 18 years. AVEX is the exclusive Daher dealer for new TBMs throughout California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. In addition to sales, AVEX’s MRO experience provides the specialization and knowledge base required to provide the best possible support network. Ron Guynn is the company’s chief inspector.



Question: Why does AVEX focus exclusively on TBM aircraft?



The decision to focus on one product was the decision of the AVEX founder, Terry Winson. It is his view that the level of sophistication in the TBM warrants this level of attention. At AVEX, all our capital resources are allocated for one product, consequently we are able to maintain significant parts inventories so that the “fill rate” off-the-shelf for work in our two facilities is over 97 percent. This translates into quicker turnaround of our inspections, and return on our floor space.


Our business model not only allows our mechanics to focus on one product, it simplifies training and leads to deep product knowledge. Consequently, we’ve won several industry awards – such as 11 Diamond Awards. As a result of our specialization and focus, AVEX has been appointed by Pratt & Whitney Canada as a Level 3 Service Center for the PT6 engine, which provides many benefits to our customers – including a 10-year warranty on any work that goes through the test cell at Pratt & Whitney Canada. We believe our focus on one product allows us to perform the work we do at a high level, and mitigate the risk inherent in this kind of operation for both ourselves and our customers.


Question: What sets TBM owners apart from other owners?


Answer:During my career, I’ve worked on many different aircraft types, and TBM owners are a very specific group of people. I’ve never met owners so in tune with their aircraft. They know them inside and out, every nuance, every sound. They are highly interested in what’s going on with their aircraft when it goes in for service. I’ve never known customers to be so engaged with their maintenance centers.




TBM owners are a very specific group of people. I’ve never met owners so in tune with their aircraft.


Question: How would you describe the safety culture at AVEX?



Our culture of safety starts at the top. Terry Winson has been at the forefront of safety on the TBM since the formation of TBMOPA. His unwavering commitment to safety is not just lip service. When someone buys a plane from AVEX, we pay for their initial training. The industry-leading success with 11 Diamond Awards is an indication of the commitment that we have for training, which includes annual factory training. This level of training has paid off in terms of product knowledge in our technicians to less rework on the floor.


We sponsor an annual Safety Stand Down for TBM owners; we have 90 owners confirmed for 2018. The event not only is recognized by the insurance underwriters who provide no-claims bonuses to attendees; it is also FAA Wings-accredited (I am an FAA safety volunteer). Our corporate mantra is: “The Details Matter,” and our corporate DNA is: “Safety First.”








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